Featured: Colette & Allen’s Wedding Reception and Birthday Celebration (September 2, 2023)

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Hear Allen and Colette introduce their family and friends, hear Colette sing, watch Colette and Allen dance!

Allen’s Birthday-Funeral-Roast 2.0 (2019)

Don’t talk when the man’s down, do it now!

Dr. Allen Awaya is the mastermind of whimsy: rather than missing the eulogies for his own funeral, he wants ability for rebuttal! Allen holds these events every 10 years, this is his second birthday funeral roast. Family, friends and colleagues give testimony to the one and only Allen Awaya…lol.

Relive his April 28, 2019 event in a series of 4K (Ultra High Definition) video clips:

Don’t talk stink when he’s gone, he wants to hear it…and give back his opinion. LOL!
#1 of 23: Introductions, Recognition by his daughter Kai Lee, and your first Roaster, I mean, Eulogizer…his son Bradley

A few vignettes from the party are shown below. For more photos, please visit Allen’s Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmcwXycv.

#2: Earl Morihara, Allen’s Waipahu student
#3: Allen’s Waipahu student Agnes Malate
#4: Allen’s Kahuku student, Melanie Tollerson, is in Syria but sends him a message.
#5: Allen’s daughter Merilee reads message from his former Kahuku student, Rebecca Smith
#6: Devon Peterson recalls her days as Allen’s Kahuku student
#7: Allen’s UH doctoral colleague, Liela Nitta
#8: Darrell Lum, UH doctoral colleague
#9: Kori Shlachter, Allen’s student at Kahuku and later at UH
#10: Bradley Awaya reads message from UH professor Edgar Porter.
#11: Cherry Okakara, Erin Conner; Senator Sakamoto’s Office
#12: Alvin Mariteragi, Allen’s former Kahuku student
#13: Gayle Sugita, Kalani classmate & Junior Prom date with preface by Kalani classmate, Cheryl Hirokane
#14: Kai Lee reads message from Senate Majority Office Shayna Nakama
#15: James Clarke, Audre Harlow; former Kahuku students delivery their memories of teacher
#16: Adrian Tam, Senator Chang’s Office
#17: Merilee Awaya reads Rebecca Bede‘s message
#18: Suzanne Kobatake, YMCA Atherton & UH classmate
#19: Sharon Stehlik, US Indo-Pacific Command & Joint Venture Education Forum colleague
#20: Douglas Tom, Allen’s Kalani classmate & golf buddy
#21: Former State Senator Jill Tokuda has Allen read her message in a series of Post-It Notes… LOL!
#22: The Rebuttal, Part 1 of 2. (yes, Allen has plenty to say…lol)
#23: The Rebuttal, Part 2 of 2. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

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  1. This is very entertaining and elucidating. I was looking for Allen, having just watched an old movie, Point Break with Patrick Swayse, and remembering him. Plus I had seen him at my mother’s memorial service. I thought I had a phone # or an email address, but if I did they are gone now. So, searching online I came across this. There’s no need to reply, as I know how the story ends, and that the joie de vivre still exists.

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